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Is the resistance plate the same as the resistance plate?

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One: the material is different
Anti - bette plate is a kind of high grade decorative material formed under high temperature and high pressure by hot solid phenolic resin impregnated with high quality kraft paper. Plate component:
Surface layer (double-sided) : melamine resin + imported decorative paper core layer: phenolic resin + kraft paper.
The physical and chemical board can be understood as adding a special layer of resin on the basis of anti-betate.
Solid physiochemical board has good times all the characteristics of special board, the surface with special resin processing, make use of in various corrosion resistance requirements of experiment table and ambry surface, are widely used in all kinds of laboratory, testing center, medicine, food and other fields door, clapboard and other places.
Second, performance is different
The physical and chemical boards all have: 1. Acid - and - alkali - resistant additives, including a variety of chemical reagents
2. Excellent scratch-resistant and grinding performance
3. Impact resistance
4. Good water resistance and deformation resistance
5. High temperature resistant
6. Easy cleaning and maintenance
Anti - bette also has the above performance, but relatively weak!
3. The use situation is also different
Anti - beta more used for bathroom partition, hanging wall board, outdoor board, bowling alley board
Physical and chemical board is used in various laboratories, laboratory centers, medicine, food and other fields, doors, wall panels and other places.
4. The cost of physical and chemical board is higher than that of antibette
If there is still unclear and can be linked with hexadecimal, hexadecimal is a professional aluminum honeycomb plate, aluminum special plate manufacturer!!


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