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New product release of decorative materials -- aluminum special board

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1, decorative materials: aluminium honeycomb curtain wall composite panels, aluminum honeycomb composite panels, aluminum honeycomb smallpox anti-static flooring, aluminum honeycomb composite panels (electronic factory) a partition, honeycomb composite fire door, aluminum honeycomb composite marble slabs, etc.;

2. Household appliances: air conditioning cold catalyst network, refrigerator deodorizer, air heater grid, air cleaner air guide grid, etc. Lighting industry: all kinds of exhibition lighting guide grating, lighting, traffic light barrier, etc.
3. Audio industry: flat panel, long thin strip loudspeaker, medium and small traditional loudspeaker, earphone loudspeaker, etc. Transportation industry: railway trains, ground trains and ship carriages, train doors, partitions and other decorative materials;
4. Furniture industry: home furniture, office furniture, exhibition furniture, etc., with the function of moisture-proof, moth-proof and fireproof, its performance of anti-pressure and bending is much better than traditional materials.
5. It is widely used in environmental protection industries such as air guide, purification, filtration, air conditioning cold catalyst network, refrigerator deodorization block, air heater lattice network, air cleaner air guide grid, etc.
6. Aluminum honeycomb core has excellent performance, with sharp and clear hole wall, no burrs, suitable for adhesion and other USES of high-quality core opposite materials.
7. It has the advantages of anti-deformation, sound insulation and shock resistance. Especially suitable for all kinds of rectification tuyere, pipes and so on. Open, straight, compact honeycomb microholes are the most efficient guide material, especially for mass transfer and fan exchange systems.
8. The use of the side-blown honeycomb core rectifying plate on the spinning machine can make the wind speed more even and achieve the best cooling and curing effect and performance of the wire bundle. It can also be used as a lamp shade.
9. Due to its small core, it can also be applied to the purification air conditioning, the automatic cleaning and desulfurization equipment of the boiler, the purification air conditioning equipment of the textile factory, the air sterilization equipment, the photocatalyst filter network and some sophisticated equipment.
10, building curtain wall outer wall hangs Taiwan, interior decoration engineering, billboards, ship building, aerospace manufacturing, interior partition and commodity display, commercial truck and container truck body, buses, trains and metro and rail transit vehicles, etc
Fire prevention: the raw material is non-combustible.
2. Corrosion resistance and environmental protection: the honeycomb core belongs to pure aluminum products, which do not volatilize any gas harmful to human body, and can be completely recycled without radioactivity, 100% environment-friendly products.
4. Light weight, high strength, stable structure, anti-wind pressure, no deformation, good sound insulation
Raw materials: 3003 series and 5052 series thickness using 0.04mm- 0.1mm aluminum foil
The product side length is 5mm 6mm 7.5mm 10mm 12mm 15mm


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