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Characteristic of hexadecimal honeycomb core aluminum alloy composite plate

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The overall structure of the honeycomb core aluminum composite panels and coating structure in three layers: outer layer is 0.2 ~ 0.7 mm of aluminum alloy sheet, the center layer made from aluminum foil and glass fibre cloth or paper honeycomb structure, aluminum plate surface spray coating to protect polymer shaded - polyvinylidene fluoride fluorine coating, at the outer surface of the composite board covered with stripping plastic protective film, in order to protect the plate surface is not damaged in the process of fabrication and installation.

Characteristics of 1.
High dimensional precision; The appearance is smooth and stable, which can effectively eliminate depression and wrinkle. High strength and light weight; Sound insulation, shock prevention, heat insulation; Bright colour and lasting colour; Easy to form and widely used; Can fully meet the design requirements to make a variety of arc, arc corners and edge corners, so that the building more exquisite; The installation and construction are all prefabricated dry operations.
Application 2.
Honeycomb core aluminum alloy composite board, as a high decorative surface material, can be used in curtain wall system of various buildings, also can be used in indoor wall, roof, ceiling, column and other engineering parts.


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