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Aluminum honeycomb core plate production process and specifications

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Now, now a lot of places can be applied to aluminum honeycomb core board, and the six big building materials to produce aluminum honeycomb core board, in order to be able to make it work better, need according to the different situation, choose a different production process, so kimbrell, what method can take? This aluminum honeycomb plate core manufacturers six to share the building materials!
1. Room temperature curing process:
First turn on the box is made of aluminium panel, such as arc shape, spray glue again, and then put the honeycomb core and cascading panel in sequence, the appropriate pressure, can be solidified at room temperature after a week, if use hot press curing environment of heated to less than 100 degrees, cured in a few hours. Generally, the adhesive used for bonding is two-component polyurethane adhesive and two-component epoxy structural adhesive. The aluminum honeycomb plate produced by this process has poor adhesion and weather resistance, which can be used for interior decoration partition, but not outdoor.
2. Thermoplastic film continuous composite process:
Will first aluminum panel, honeycomb core is folded in sequence, and then sequentially into flat side compound machine, in pressurized heating cases, after a few minutes compound, is pressure after cooling, the aluminum honeycomb panel flatness, weather resistance, high attached sex.
Iii. Epoxy film process:
First, the aluminum panel and the honeycomb core are folded in order. Then, the aluminum plate and the honeycomb core are sent to the hot press and heated to 150 degrees. Epoxy resin and nylon or non - woven film on epoxy film. The aluminum honeycomb plate produced by this process has high weatherability, but the adhesive layer is relatively brittle, and the long-term vibration will occur stratification, which is not suitable for rail transit.
The above three methods will be adopted in the production of aluminum honeycomb panels with hexadecimal building materials. I believe you can see that there is also some understanding here. It is also mentioned in the above article that different production techniques, advantages and disadvantages of hexadecimal building materials require appropriate production methods according to different situations. If you still have some questions about this, you are welcome to call the customer service personnel of the building materials six, Campbell will deal with it for you in time!
Honeycomb core modelling beautiful beautiful beautiful, the quality of aluminium plate is light damping, that has method, the advantage that combines two kinds of board material rise? With regard to this problem, through the unremitting efforts of hexadecimal building materials, we have developed a plate with both advantages in one - honeycomb plate.
The honeycomb core board, as a new product of hexadecimal building materials, has incomparable advantages over other boards.
1. Production process
Honeycomb plate as the "noble" in the plate market is supported by advanced production technology. Hexadecimal building materials with aluminum honeycomb as the core, with anti-bette plate as the bottom plate, using high quality medium temperature curing German imported glue adhesive, and using the treated aluminum alloy frame developed.
2. Sheet performance
Thanks to high-quality raw materials and innovative design, honeycomb panel has the following advantages:
1. Light weight, shock absorption, sound absorption and insulation.
2. Moisture-proof, fireproof, impact resistant and corrosion resistant
3. Beautiful shape, green, environment-friendly and pollution-free
Simple installation, no corner code, long service life
3. Plate specifications
The standard specification of honeycomb board is 28mm(thickness), which can also be customized for 18mm and 38mm according to different requirements of users. In addition, the thickness of the antiploid plate as the bottom plate part is 2.5mm.
4. Application scope
As the partition material of high-grade toilet, honeycomb board is widely used in star hotels, luxury cruise ships, business office buildings and other advanced fields


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