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What are the main factors influencing the performance of aluminum honeycomb core

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Aluminum honeycomb core is made by processing aluminum foil and special aluminum honeycomb joint glue on the production line of aluminum honeycomb core. The factors influencing the performance of aluminum honeycomb core include aluminum foil, joint glue and honeycomb core specifications.

I. aluminum honeycomb core specifications
Aluminum honeycomb core specification is made by aluminum foil thickness and honeycomb perforated to determine the size, different specifications of the aluminum honeycomb with different density and different mechanical properties, there are big differences in the cost also, such as commonly used specifications composite board dedicated honeycomb core and micropore honeycomb core cost gap for several times. Can use the honeycomb perforated aluminum honeycomb core specification (English) inscribed circle diameter and the thickness of aluminum foil/perforated side length (metric system) expression in two ways, China's national standard is the thickness of aluminum foil/perforated side length to describe.
2. Epoxy modified high temperature curing adhesive should be used for joint glue. It can not only provide sufficient bonding strength, but also has excellent environmental resistance and high and low temperature resistance. Due to the low strength of universal adhesive, aluminum honeycomb core is often easy to be degummed, resulting in the overall damage instability. The node strength of aluminum honeycomb core is the main basis for evaluating its performance, and its node strength data should be greater than 2.0n /mm. (see code for durable aluminum honeycomb core material for sandwich structure, hb5443-90, aviation industry standard of the ministry of aerospace industry of the People's Republic of China)
Three, aluminum foil, aluminum foil should choose 3003 or 5052 number, surface treatment process should be strictly, in higher requirements for strength and durability of products, should be careful with 1100 pure aluminum foil processing and manufacturing of aluminum honeycomb core material.


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