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High strength aluminum honeycomb core specific information

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High strength microporous aluminum honeycomb core

Material: 5052 h18
Thickness of aluminum foil: 0.06mm
Width of the aperture :2.0mm
Inner circle diameter: 1/8", that is, 3.2mm
Height before compression :245mm
Compressed height :21mm
We can produce all kinds of specifications according to customer requirement
Main applications: for crash test of rail vehicles, formula racing cars, widely used in high-speed rail, railway, aviation field!
Aluminum honeycomb core is composed of multiple layers of aluminum foil, laminated, and then stretched to form regular honeycomb shape. Aluminum honeycomb has excellent performance, with sharp and clear orifice wall, no burrs, suitable for the adhesion of high quality core materials and other USES. It has the advantages of anti-deformation, good sound insulation and shock resistance. Aluminum honeycomb core is made by processing aluminum foil and special honeycomb joint glue on the production line of aluminum honeycomb core. Excellent performance in the following areas:
1. Printing press platform
The inner part of the platform is high strength aluminum honeycomb core with grooves or holes. The working face is made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy. The surface of the platform is not easy to scratch and corrosion resistant, and the platform is light in weight, good in rigidity, good in flatness and strong in vacuum adsorption, which can meet the requirements of high efficiency and high quality printing production.
2. Chemical fiber mechanical rectifier board
Open, straight, compact honeycomb microholes are the most efficient guide material, especially for mass transfer and heat exchange systems. Using side blown aluminum honeycomb rectifying plate on chemical fiber machinery can make wind speed more even and make the wire bundle achieve the best cooling and curing effect and performance.
3. Electronic whiteboard
The aluminum honeycomb core structure is adopted as the main body of the electronic whiteboard, which is more environmentally friendly and practical. It is light in weight, strong in strength, smooth and cost-effective.
4. Aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel
Aluminium honeycomb sandwich panel has a light weight, good strength, stiffness, corrosion resistance, antibacterial, easy installation, and other materials incomparable advantages, at the same time can also be a good aseismic, heat insulation, sound insulation, so the application field widely, can be used to train, ship, electronics, biological engineering, medicine, clean room, electromagnetic shielding and so on industry.
The supply form of aluminum honeycomb core is divided into lamination, cutting strip and stretch expansion block. It can provide aluminum honeycomb core with holes and without holes, as well as aluminum honeycomb core with inclined hole.
The microporous aluminum honeycomb core is made of multi-layer aluminum foil adhesive borer, especially suitable for all kinds of rectifying vents and pipelines. Open, straight, compact honeycomb microholes are the most efficient guide material, especially for mass transfer and fan exchange systems. Using the honeycomb rectifying plate with side blowing air on the spinning machine can make the wind speed more even and make the fiber bundle achieve the best cooling and curing effect and performance. It can also be used as a lampshade.
Due to its core is small, can also be used electronic newsletter, shielding, purify air conditioning, pan lu to automatic dust removal desulfurization equipment, textile purifying air conditioning, air sterilization equipment, photocatalytic filter and some careful instruments.


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